RTC Management module

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Whilst working in difficult environments we often rely on our vehicles, this module has been developed as a solution to the problem of Road Traffic Collision [RTC] management in areas with no medical back up. This module can be added to our Medical Assistance in Challenging Environments [Basic] course. The content is already covered in our Medical Assistance in Challenging Environments [Intermediate] course.

Whether caused by the condition of the road, condition of the drivers or vehicles, a RTC is a common cause of casualties during any deployment.

Casualty extrication

Module 1.- Remote from help

This covers the on going care required to bridge the time gap in treatment. It also introduces the concepts of a planned extrication from a vehicle if the situation demands it.

Module 2- Hostile environment

RTC use of pocket mask

This covers rapid extrication, including the use of basic tools, where the overall situation forces a rapid departure from the scene.

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