Medical Assistance in Challenging Environments [Intermediate]


Providing medical care when remote from medical facilities is difficult, it might be the climate, the terrain or the political situation, but providing medical care in challenging environments requires confidence. This confidence can be developed and maintained by realistic and practical training.

Our range of packages focus on the practical application of life saving skills and the decision making processes required to be self sufficient where there is no ambulance.

Additional elements covered in the Intermediate level package.

Casualty handling

Casualty extrication from a vehicle

Space creation for casualty extrication from a vehicle- basic

Space creation for casualty extrication from a vehicle- basic tools

On going casualty care/basic nursing care


Typically Basic level content would include:

Initial Scene Management and assessment

Casualty assessment

Dealing with an unconscious casualty

Dealing with a casualty who is convulsing/having a seizure

Performing BLS on an adult, child or infant

Management of a choking adult, child or infant

Airway management including the recovery position

Management of a casualty in shock

Ballistic injury including gunshot and blast injury

Management of a casualty who is bleeding, both with and without equipment

Management of a casualty with chest, head or spinal injury

Management of a casualty with chest pain or cardiac conditions

Management of a casualty with a skeletal injury

Management of a casualty with eye injuries

Management of infection and wound care

Automated External Defibrillator [where used]

Our training programmes include a high amount of practical training scenarios. These vary according to the group include low light, noise and casualty simulation to enhance the learning experience and the delegates’ confidence.

Our Intermediate package is normally four days long, this is dependant on finalised content and any logistical requirements i.e. travel time for the delegates.

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